Valentine Adventures | Mountain Photographers

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and you haven't planned you had better get on it! Girls need to know that they are loved, admired and appreciated. We take Valentine's seriously! Even if you decide to just stay home, you better cook her a nice dinner, buy a better bottle of wine and you definitely need to dust off those candles and light them. 

BUT! If you are up for a little adventure....last year John and I were celebrating our first Valentine's together so we wanted something special. I had cut out an article from Elevation Magazine about a Dinner Yurt in Crested Butte and found it an interesting option. You cross country ski or snowshoe about 1 1/2 miles back to the yurt for live music, drinks and a five course dinner! As we looked into it, Valentine's was a also a full moon! So being the landscape photographers that we are, we thought it could be a romantic evening and then finished off by photographing the full moon and stars on our way back to town. It sounded fun to make our trek back out just by moonlight. So we booked it!


We had such a great time! You are seated at larger community tables and it was so fun to get to know the other two couples with us. The music was awesome, the food was specular and the dessert left you asking for seconds! Calories don't count on Valentine's Day. Honest. My mom said so. LOL. Sadly it was time for our retreat. As it turned out, after one too many drinks and the temperatures being around zero that evening, we decided that the hot tub at our B&B was a better option than setting up cameras and standing in the cold for a couple more hours!   We highly highly recommend this adventure. It is offered on many different dates and at the time of this writing, they still had availability on Valentines! It's called Magic Meadows Yurt Dinner Experience! Happy trails!