Yearbook Influences | Professional Photographers

One of the biggest infulences for both John and I, was being on the high school yearbook staff. We both had different roles, but both walked away with life long desires and skills.

John was a photographer and learned dark room processes. 

I, on the hand, was the Assistant Editor. I never picked up a camera myself, but I sure had opinions as to exactly how I wanted something done! In fact, I don't think the staff photographers actually liked me much! There were countless times I sent them back out to reshoot something because I was bored with their images. I wanted different angles and interesting lighting. They were doing the minimum to get the job done. I should have picked up the camera then, but I didn't. Somehow though, that desire for creating interesting images that told stories stuck with me. 

John and both look back and know that yearbook was where it all started for both of us being photographic storytellers. Even with fine art photography, there is always a desire to tell some sort of story. If you take the time to read the "full description" that comes with each image on our website, you will find our versions of the stories. I hope you can find your story in some of them as well!