Chaffee County 14ers Poster and Prints Available | Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce

The Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce has asked me to get as many Chaffee County 14ers as possible in one photograph for over 2 years. You would think that it would be easy... lol... it's not! Well, at least not for me. I can't just take a photograph in the middle of the day and call it good, not in my world!

You see, it still has to be visually interesting as well as informational. And when you do find a good location where the closer mountains don't completely block the ones further west, there are all the other factors that play into it... like getting up early enough to get there at least 30 minutes before sunrise (mighty early in the summer when you have a 1 hour drive to get there and then not so early in the winter, but it's freakin cold!!), having any color in the sky that morning, some clouds would always be better to add some additional color to the sky, and a just right amount of snow on the peaks. We don't want out-of-towners to think it's always cold and snowy here but some snow on the peaks sure brings out the contours on the mountains and really brings them alive. Now if you try to add the perfect timing of the full moon above the peaks at just prior to sunrise... well that gives you about 8 days in the whole year to try. And some of those 8 days, it just doesn't work into the schedule! So I have finally have created something I am proud of that is both beautiful and informational. 

10x30" poster with the peaks NAMED is available at the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce, 343 US 24, Buena Vista. Or online at…/the-fourteeners-poster/

If you prefer just the image with no mountain peaks named, (and is a slightly wider view) check it out in the Buena Vista Gallery.