Descendant of Edward Curtis' Photogravure Printer

I love how the word of our Descendants Project is spreading organically. We spoke at an Edward Curtis Symposium in Seattle in November and one of the other speakers, Marna Murray, gave a talk at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire recently. Marna mentioned in our Project in her lecture. The very next day, we received an email from Mark Andrew, great-grandson of George Andrew, the "son" in John Andrew & Son Photogravures. George did all the photogravure printing for Edward Curtis' 20 volume North American Indian and the 20 portfolios that accompanied the volumes. John Andrew & Son became a department of Suffolk Engraving & Electrotyping after volume 11 was printed, but George was the one still doing Curtis' printing. How cool is this?!?!?!?!

Mark shared this link for a brochure put together by John Andrew & Son as sample book of their photogravure printing. Of course, there are images taken by Edward Curtis included. It's a wonderful brochure! Check it out!

We are so excited to have this contact and his knowledge of the history of his family's company. He told us of his family having stack of "Indian pictures" on their sun porch back in the 50s and 60s. His dad's favorite was "Watching for the Signal" and Mark loves "Wisham Girl - Profile". 

We are hoping to one day meet Mark and his family in person!