Did you know???? | Floral Photography

Given that tulips are my favorite flower, I am totally embarrassed to tell you that I didn't know this! We were recently in the grocery store, checking out with our two dozen tulips and the cashier told us that she used to be a florist and did we know that tulips are the only flower that continues to grow after it's cut? I was stunned that I had never noticed that they actually grew... I just thought that they loosened up and opened up, changing the look of my arrangement. Ha! Being the kind of girl that needs proof of things, I photographed them the day we bought them, two days later and 4 days later. Here's the proof!!

What I learned from this is too actually cut your tulips a bit short for your arrangements to begin with. Then as they grow, they will then blossom into the look that you wanted in the first place! 

So I need to leave you with a little floral photography as well. I don't just buy tulips because I love their simplicity, I buy them to photograph them too! Enjoy these trio from my last dozen. I found their texture really intriguing as the started wilting away. Enjoy!  Click on the photo below and it will take you to the purchasing page if you are interested!