Edward Curtis Presentation | Given by Great-Grandson John Graybill | Greenville Michigan

They put up all 723 photogravures that came in the portfolios which accompanied the 20 volume set of North American Indian. It was an amazing exhibit and we were proud to be a part of it. The museum did an extensive advertising campaign and now everyone in central and western Michigan knows who Edward Curtis is! Though Curtis didn't actually photograph any tribes in Michigan, their is still a large Native American population there who are very active and live their culture. We were recently told by the Executive Director of the museum that the exhibit was a huge success quadrupling their normal attendance and brought in over $5 million to the community. 

When my family and friends in Michigan found out that John was now giving presentations on the life of Curtis, they asked if we could give one for all of them. It was also our chance to practice giving it in different venues and to different crowds. We had about 20 people attend and had a great time sharing John's amazing family history. Thank you to those who attended!!