Hearts in Nature | Happy Valentine's Day

In Honor of Valentine's Day...

Have you ever noticed that once you buy a new car, you now see that same car EVERYWHERE even though you never noticed that model before? You are laughing too right now, aren't you? Well, that has been what has happened to me with hearts. 

On a college scouting trip to Salt Lake City with my high school senior son, we took a little side trip to the Great Salt Lake. As in our family custom, I sent him on a mission to find a souvenier rock to take home while I finished photographing. To my surprise, he came back with a rock that he proudly held up and said, "Hey, look Mom, it's shaped like a heart!" I knew in that moment that I was going to create one of my rock stacks with it and give it to him for graduation. Here's that image. 

Since then, I have found so many heart rocks that I only pick up the REALLY good ones now. I photograph a lot of them in my rock stacks or rock balances. You can see some on our Rock Stacking gallery on the website. Now I see them not only in the rocks at my feet when I'm hiking or out photographing, but I also see them in the sky as clouds, in leaf trails in the streams, and in shapes of openings in the trees. If you pay attention, you can find them everywhere! 

Yes! A perfect shaped heart cloud formed in Yosemite Valley. It just cemented how much I love this national park. Yosmite Gallery

Do you see how the leaf trails make a heart shape in the water? Autumn Gallery 

So YOUR challenge is to post some hearts you have found in nature! I would love to see what YOU see!