Our new Foundation!

~ We have created the Curtis Legacy Foundation! Please check out our new website and Facebook page.

~ We have moved the Descendants Project under the auspice of the Foundation so further updates on the Project will be posted there only. Please sign up for our newsletter on the Foundation website to follow our journeys. If you are already on our list, no need to do it again - we will transfer you over. 

~ Mountain Spirit Photography has gone back to it's original logo and transferred the new, more "native" logo to the Foundation. Confusing, I know, but sometimes things get messy. We are trying to clean it up! 

~ Mountain Spirit is also going back to just being our fine art landscape photography. All the new happenings are keeping us at our computers right now, but we hope to still get some time in the good ol' outdoors. 

~ And mostly, we want to say thanks. Thank you for all of you who support us in our landscape photography and with starting the Curtis Legacy Foundation and the Descendants Project. We rely on you to help keep our energy up - we have a lot we want to accomplish!