Spirit Animals in my Life | Wildlife Photography


Have you ever noticed you seem to be seeing ravens everywhere? Or you are inundated with hawks flying into your view or and fox that gets unusally close to you? These are likely signs that you should take notice of. 

Check out the full description for the image "Autumn Glory". It tells the tale of what really sparked my interest in indian folklore and then paying attention to the animals appearing in my life.

Shortly after this experience, I went on a trip with a man I was dating (and was feeling that I needed to end it but was trying to make it work), when I was inundated with signs of needing a fresh start. Ravens flying close overhead with their perfect shadow cast across my path, just in front of me, which happened many times on the trip. A rattlesnake (I had never seen one in all my thousands of miles of hiking) launched off a rock and landed just in front of me. A robin following me for probably two miles down a step trail. All signs of needing to start over and find a different path. Obviously I took heed of the messages because that's not who I ended up marrying! Mr. Right was waiting for me in BV. 

Since moving to Buena Vista, red-tailed hawks have appeared constantly. Hawks are a symbol of fearless strength. They tell you to not be afraid to reach for those life long dreams. Moving here is certainly a long time dream. My photography has taken a different turn than what I thought it would here, but that happens. I am enjoying fine art photography and the lack of the pressure of portrait and wedding work; you don't have to make trees smile!

Recently a white hawk presented itself to me. It facinated me and I can't stop thinking about what a rare siting this was, and when I said "I need you to land in this tree for me", he did. I was obviously supposed to have an encounter with this rare beauty. So while out walking with my honey this morning, he asked me "what did seeing the white hawk mean?" I had been asking myslef what message it was bringing me since I saw it. I wasn't sure of the answer... until that moment John asked. The words just blurted out of my mouth "I am supposed to be pursuing my Reign Make Her Project!" Wow. It was almost a relief saying it out loud. 

So today, I get serious about my project. I truly believe this project is what all my years in photography is supposed to lead me too. Can't wait to share more as it comes to fruition. 

If you google "spirit animals" or "animal totems", you will find all kinds of information. My favorite book for reference is Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.